Game Corner: Alien Trilogy (PlayStation)

Released: February 1996Developer: Probe EntertainmentAlso Available For: PC and SEGA Saturn The Background:Over the years, there has been a slew of media and merchandise produced based on the Alien movies (Various, 1979 to present); we’ve had action figures, comic books, crossovers with the Predator films (ibid, 1987 to present) and various other comic book characters, … Continue reading Game Corner: Alien Trilogy (PlayStation)

Game Corner: Alien vs. Predator (Arcade)

As always, I am opening this review by asking you to cast your minds back to the 1990s. This time, we’re specifically winding the clock back to 1994, a time when Xenomorphs had been off cinema screens since Alien3 (Fincher, 1992) and we hadn’t seen a Predator onscreen since Predator 2 (Hopkins, 1990). Both franchises … Continue reading Game Corner: Alien vs. Predator (Arcade)

Game Corner: Alien: Isolation (Xbox One)

In many ways, this review is very redundant; by this point, I’m sure that everyone has heard everything there is to say about Alien: Isolation (Creative Assembly/SEGA, 2014). The title has been heaped with praise and accolades and, since it’s been out for a while now, there’s been plenty of reviews and opinions out there … Continue reading Game Corner: Alien: Isolation (Xbox One)

Talking Movies: Alien: Covenant Review

In 2012, Ridley Scott attempted to present to audiences with a prequel to his seminal 1979 science-fiction/horror masterpiece, Alien. When I first saw Prometheus, I was actually very supportive of it; the film reeked of 1970’s science-fiction trademarks (such as a slowly building narrative, wide expansive shots, and deeper philosophical questions regarding humanity against the … Continue reading Talking Movies: Alien: Covenant Review