Game Corner: Captain America and the Avengers (Arcade)

Released: 1991Developer: Data EastAlso Available For: Game Boy, Game Gear, Mega Drive, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) The Background:First created in 1940 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Steve Rogers/Captain America was an icon of the Second World War, embodying America’s obsession with patriotism and pride by taking the fight directly … Continue reading Game Corner: Captain America and the Avengers (Arcade)

Game Corner: The Punisher (Arcade)

Released: 1993Developer: CapcomAlso Available For: Mega Drive The Background:Frank Castle, Marvel’s resident one-man army, first debuted in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man #129. Though originally depicted as an assassin with a specific code of honour, the character went on to become one of Marvel’s most popular anti-heroes; thanks to his tragic backstory and unwavering … Continue reading Game Corner: The Punisher (Arcade)

Game Corner: Vasara Collection (Xbox One)

Released: August 2019 Developer: QUByte Interactive Also Available For: Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 The Background: If there’s two things I can really get behind it’s a good, no-nonsense, old fashioned shoot-‘em-up and high quality arcade games. The best thing about shoot-‘em-ups is how simple they are to play and yet how much skill they … Continue reading Game Corner: Vasara Collection (Xbox One)

Game Corner: Alien vs. Predator (Arcade)

As always, I am opening this review by asking you to cast your minds back to the 1990s. This time, we’re specifically winding the clock back to 1994, a time when Xenomorphs had been off cinema screens since Alien3 (Fincher, 1992) and we hadn’t seen a Predator onscreen since Predator 2 (Hopkins, 1990). Both franchises … Continue reading Game Corner: Alien vs. Predator (Arcade)