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One of the defining influences on my childhood, development, and academic career, I’ve been playing videogames since I first got my hands on a SEGA Master System and have no intentions of ever stopping. After many years of toil and hard work, I finally set up an actual game room at home and, as a result, Game Corner articles are quite consistent, published at a rate of about one to three a month, as I am constantly working through a backlog of games for classic consoles like the Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation and modern consoles such as the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Incidentally, my Nintendo Switch friend code is SW-4044-0932-5233 and you can click here track my Achievements.

When reviewing videogames, I previously employed a simple star-based system (with three gold stars being the best and one, grey star being the worst) before switching to a traditional five star system. I also freely go through a variety of different elements, such as the gameplay, graphics, and additional features with no restraint on spoilers and to provide as much detail as possible about the entire experience.

Game Corner [Donald Duck Day]: QuackShot Starring Donald Duck (Mega Drive)

It’s June 9th, which means that it’s National Donald Duck Day! Disney’s foul-tempered fowl first debuted in The Wise Little Hen (Jackson, 1934) way, way back on 9 June 1934 and has since become one of the multimedia conglomerate’s most enduring and popular characters, featuring in a variety of cartoons, videogames, and other merchandise. Released: … Continue reading Game Corner [Donald Duck Day]: QuackShot Starring Donald Duck (Mega Drive)

Game Corner [Whacking Day]: The Simpsons (PlayStation 3)

According to the appropriately-titled episode “Whacking Day” (Lynch, 1993), the 10th of May is celebrated throughout the fictional town of Springfield as a day to drive snakes into the town square and mercilessly club them to death. Accordingly, as a massive fan of The Simpsons (1989 to present) I feel that this is an appropriate … Continue reading Game Corner [Whacking Day]: The Simpsons (PlayStation 3)

Game Corner: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (Xbox 360)

Released: 20 March 2002Developer: Slant Six Games/CapcomAlso Available For: PC and PlayStation 3 The Background:By 2012, the Resident Evil series (Capcom/Various, 1996 to present) had undergone many changes since debuting as a cheesy survival/horror title hampered by “tank controls”; Resident Evil 4 (Capcom Production Studio 4, 2005) famously switched the game to a more action-orientated, … Continue reading Game Corner: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (Xbox 360)

Game Corner [Alien Day]: Aliens: Colonial Marines: Limited Edition (Xbox 360)

Audiences were first introduced to the horrific, biomechanical Xenomorphs in the classic science-fiction horror film Alien (Scott, 1979), a tense and suspense-filled monster film that kick-started an entire franchise. In that film, and much of the subsequent Alien media, an unsuspecting cargo crew investigates a beacon on the barren world of LV-426 and, as a … Continue reading Game Corner [Alien Day]: Aliens: Colonial Marines: Limited Edition (Xbox 360)

Game Corner: Taz in Escape from Mars (Mega Drive)

Released: August 1994Developer: HeadGamesAlso Available For: Game Gear and Master System The Background:Following his debut in “Devil May Hare” (McKimson, 1954) as a dim-witted and voracious foil to Bugs Bunny (Mel Blanc), my absolute favourite Looney Tunes (1930 to present) character, the Tasmanian Devil (or simply “Taz”), became a recurring character in subsequent Looney Tunes … Continue reading Game Corner: Taz in Escape from Mars (Mega Drive)


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