Game Corner

One of the defining influences on my childhood, development, and academic career, I’ve been playing videogames since I first got my hands on a SEGA Master System and have no intentions of ever stopping. After many years of toil and hard work, I finally set up an actual game room at home and, as a result, Game Corner articles are quite consistent, published at a rate of about one to three a month, as I am constantly working through a backlog of games for classic consoles like the Mega Drive, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation and modern consoles such as the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Incidentally, my Nintendo Switch friend code is SW-4044-0932-5233 and you can click here track my Achievements.

When reviewing videogames, I employ a traditional five star system. I also freely go through a variety of different elements, such as the gameplay, graphics, and additional features with no restraint on spoilers and to provide as much detail as possible about the entire experience.