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Dr. Stuart Knott

Writer, blogger, critic, and doctor

Just a regular guy who watches too many movies and plays too many videogames!

About Me

A lifelong fan of horror, science-fiction, and action films, I have spent much of my free time between working and studying writing stories of varying length and quality. Having completed my PhD, I now apply my skills to critiquing the media I love so much and have been branching out into self-publishing my stories through Amazon.

My Writing

Much of my writing comes from my own sordid imagination or is inspired heavily by my life and the people and events I have encountered and witnessed. At its core, my writing seeks to take the normal, everyday, and the mundane and introduce a fantastical element to it, be it horrific or dangerous, and focuses on dark humour and character-building.

My Inspirations

I’ve had many inspirations over the years from a variety of media but, despite my nearly eleven years in university education, my reading is actually quite limited as I like to stick to what I know and like.

Accordingly, much of my writing style is inspired by the works of Stephen King, particularly It (King, 1986), which is still my favourite novel. I am also partial to a number of other works by King, such as The Stand (ibid, 1978), The Tommyknockers (ibid, 1987), Insomnia (1994), and Dreamcatcher (ibid, 2001) though I can’t say I was too blown away by his “magnum opus”, the Dark Tower series (ibid, 1982 to 2012).

I am also partial to the Red Dwarf novels by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor (1989 to 1996), selected works by H. P. Lovecraft, American Psycho (Ellis, 1991), and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books (Adams, 1979 to 1992).