Back Issues [Venom’s Debut]: The Amazing Spider-Man #300

In May 1984, within The Amazing Spider-Man #252, Peter Parker/Spider-Man debuted a striking new, black costume; Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 revealed how he acquired it during the “Secret Wars” event but it wasn’t until some four years later that the true nature of the organic costume came to be known. In actuality, it … Continue reading Back Issues [Venom’s Debut]: The Amazing Spider-Man #300

10FTW: Dark Doppelgängers

If there’s one thing any hero can count on it’s that, at some point in their illustrious career, they’re going to have to face off against themselves. Sometimes, like with the classic Demon in a Bottle (Michelinie, et al, 1979) this is a metaphorical battle against their own inner demons and foibles but. More often … Continue reading 10FTW: Dark Doppelgängers

Talking Movies: Venom

Released: October 2018Director: Ruben FleischerDistributor: Sony Pictures ReleasingBudget: $100 millionStars: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, and Riz Ahmed The Plot:Disgraced reporter Eddie Brock (Hardy) is bonded with a psychotic symbiotic alien lifeform and becomes a superhuman anti-hero forced to choose between protecting the innocent and enacting revenge. The Background:A Venom spin-off has been in the works … Continue reading Talking Movies: Venom