Game Corner: Saw (Xbox 360)

Released: October 2009Developer: Zombie StudiosAlso Available For: PC and PlayStation 3 The Background:In 2004, writer Leigh Wannell and director James Wan brought us Saw, a psychological horror film in which two men find themselves trapped in a grimy bathroom, victims of the twisted John Kramer, also known as the Jigsaw Killer (Tobin Bell), and forced … Continue reading Game Corner: Saw (Xbox 360)

10 FTW: Under-Rated Sequels

Sequels are funny things; you have to get the balance just right between providing everything people enjoyed about the first moving but expanding upon the plot and characters in a natural way. If it’s difficult for a lot of sequels to get this right, it’s even harder for third, fourth, or other sequential entries to … Continue reading 10 FTW: Under-Rated Sequels

10 FTW: Horror Movies Where Evil Triumphs in the End

These days, it’s probably one of the most clichéd elements of the horror movie genre to have the antagonistic force terrorising the protagonists rise again by the end of the last act. Yet, this staple of the genre can have a dramatic impact on the viewer, sometimes altering entire events that preceded it, salvaging a … Continue reading 10 FTW: Horror Movies Where Evil Triumphs in the End