Tuesday, March 25, 2003
By B. Jeffers

Balamb Parkway was the site of a violent break-in and robbery late last night as a number of Teamos employees were left traumatised when a gang of masked individuals forced their way into the Teamos Superstore, erected some five years ago during the supermarket giant’s expansion across the Midlands.

Some time after midnight, a number of masked and armed thugs smashed their way into the supermarket, which was named “Supermarket of the Year” last year, and forced the nightshift employees (many of whom refused to be named) to remove their footwear and surrounded them with shards of glass.

Alerted by the alarm, Westbridge’s police arrived some time later to take control of the situation, though one of the hostages told this reporter than the situation was actually defused by Westbridge’s resident vigilante, Nightshade: “The cops showed to take the glory,” the employee (who requested to have their name omitted) stated. “It was Nightshade who took those [censored] down”.

However, Chief Inspector Andrew Louis was quick to downplay the involvement of the elusive Nightshade: “We have no solid evidence to link this vigilante to this, or any other report,” he maintained. “Regardless, the real story here is the arrest of one of Westbridge’s most wanted thugs”.

Louis went on to name this individual as Blake Harte, also revealed to be the son of notorious underworld gangster Gregory Harte and the owner and proprietor of Fluxx Club, which was targeted by Westbridge’s resident vigilante some weeks ago. per Louis’ official statement, Harte has been summarily as one of the key figureheads of the infamous “Cougars”, a gang of hooligans and criminals whose graffiti has been spotted all over town and who have been linked to dozens of cases of violence, criminal damage, and property damage.

“With Harte in custody,” Louis continued, “I can confidently say that we’ve made real headway into breaking through the cycle of violence that has long plagued Westbridge”. Another of the victims from last night’s abhorrent act of brutality, though, was quick to contend this statement: “The only [censored] who’s changing anything is Nightshade”.


Wednesday, June 06, 2001
By B. Jeffers

The landscape of Westbridge town centre was forever changed yesterday morning with the official opening of “Cocked ‘n Loaded”, a gymnasium and fitness centre located in prime position on Williamson Memorial Park.

The gymnasium is the brainchild of Sean Hitchcock, son of local business magnate Dyson Hitchcock, whose accomplishments in football, rugby, and basketball (among others) have brought much prosperity to Westbridge Academy’s growing athletic prominence.

“We’re very proud of what Sean has achieved,” said Murray Hamilton, headteacher of Westbridge Academy. “His accomplishments have galvanised the students and we’ve seen a noticeable spike in interest in our extensive physical education programme thanks to his influence”.

The event, which attracted neighbouring businesses and keen gym enthusiasts alike, was also attended by local tycoon James Dickinson (pictured with Sean Hitchcock), who had this to say: “I’ve always believed in the maintenance of a healthy body and Sean’s motto of “Go big or go home” really resonated with me. You can be assured that I will be keeping my eye on this young man going forward”.

Sean Hitchcock, who led Westbridge Academy’s football team, the Westbridge Wanderers, to championship gold two years in a row, topped the leaderboards for most touchdowns scored in a season for the school’s rugby team, the Buccaneers, and has taken home trophies and awards for “Man of the Match” and “Most Valuable Player” ever since he first laced up his boots, beamed with pride as Cocked ‘n Loaded opened its doors yesterday. He vowed that the gymnasium would offer competitive, affordable membership plans, a variety of classes and facilities, and that he would be working closely with Westbridge Academy to help encourage the “next generation” of players. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” he said during my brief time with him. “When you’re the best you can be then good things are bound to happen”.

Hitchcock’s father, Dyson, who amassed his fortune on the stock market, was particularly proud of his eldest son. “This is a chance for Sean to grow both as a person and a businessman in his own right,” he said. “I’ll be taking a very hands-off approach to the gym; it’s his baby [emphasis mine] and I’m just happy to be here to witness its birth”.

The gymnasium has caused something of a stir amongst some in the community, who find its name to be vulgar, but that hasn’t stopped hundreds of youngsters and enthusiasts from signing up and, judging by the crowd in attendance yesterday, it seems that this unique branding has paid off for Westbridge’s most valuable player.


Saturday, March 15, 2003
By B. Jeffers

Long the hotspot for socialites and the youth of Westbridge, Fluxx was the site of a mysterious break-in and property destruction that has left local police baffled.

Owner and proprietor Blake Harte, who took ownership of the once-dilapidated nightclub just over a year ago and has since turned it into a hive of debauchery and excess for those fortunate enough to make it onto Harte’s coveted guest list.

Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a mysterious individual forcing his way into the club late last night and also report to have heard a great deal of noise as the unknown individual caused what one source stated was sure to be thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Chief Inspector Andrew Louis, however, was unable for comment regarding the bizarre occurrence, which one eyewitness claimed was perpetrated by a masked vigilante he dubbed “Nightshade”: “It was like the night came to life!” he declared. This reporter reached out to Blake Harte for a comment; however the response was not appropriate to be printed. The investigation is noted to be ongoing.