Tuesday, March 25, 2003
By B. Jeffers

Balamb Parkway was the site of a violent break-in and robbery late last night as a number of Teamos employees were left traumatised when a gang of masked individuals forced their way into the Teamos Superstore, erected some five years ago during the supermarket giant’s expansion across the Midlands.

Some time after midnight, a number of masked and armed thugs smashed their way into the supermarket, which was named “Supermarket of the Year” last year, and forced the nightshift employees (many of whom refused to be named) to remove their footwear and surrounded them with shards of glass.

Alerted by the alarm, Westbridge’s police arrived some time later to take control of the situation, though one of the hostages told this reporter than the situation was actually defused by Westbridge’s resident vigilante, Nightshade: “The cops showed to take the glory,” the employee (who requested to have their name omitted) stated. “It was Nightshade who took those [censored] down”.

However, Chief Inspector Andrew Louis was quick to downplay the involvement of the elusive Nightshade: “We have no solid evidence to link this vigilante to this, or any other report,” he maintained. “Regardless, the real story here is the arrest of one of Westbridge’s most wanted thugs”.

Louis went on to name this individual as Blake Harte, also revealed to be the son of notorious underworld gangster Gregory Harte and the owner and proprietor of Fluxx Club, which was targeted by Westbridge’s resident vigilante some weeks ago. per Louis’ official statement, Harte has been summarily as one of the key figureheads of the infamous “Cougars”, a gang of hooligans and criminals whose graffiti has been spotted all over town and who have been linked to dozens of cases of violence, criminal damage, and property damage.

“With Harte in custody,” Louis continued, “I can confidently say that we’ve made real headway into breaking through the cycle of violence that has long plagued Westbridge”. Another of the victims from last night’s abhorrent act of brutality, though, was quick to contend this statement: “The only [censored] who’s changing anything is Nightshade”.

The Teamos Connection

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