Tuesday, March 25, 2003By B. Jeffers Balamb Parkway was the site of a violent break-in and robbery late last night as a number of Teamos employees were left traumatised when a gang of masked individuals forced their way into the Teamos Superstore, erected some five years ago during the supermarket giant’s expansion across the Midlands. … Continue reading “COUGAR” HEAD HONCHO JAILED


Wednesday, June 06, 2001By B. Jeffers The landscape of Westbridge town centre was forever changed yesterday morning with the official opening of “Cocked ‘n Loaded”, a gymnasium and fitness centre located in prime position on Williamson Memorial Park. The gymnasium is the brainchild of Sean Hitchcock, son of local business magnate Dyson Hitchcock, whose accomplishments … Continue reading LOCAL TEEN MAKES GOOD


Saturday, March 15, 2003By B. Jeffers Long the hotspot for socialites and the youth of Westbridge, Fluxx was the site of a mysterious break-in and property destruction that has left local police baffled. Owner and proprietor Blake Harte, who took ownership of the once-dilapidated nightclub just over a year ago and has since turned it … Continue reading “NIGHTSHADE” RANSACKS NIGHTCLUB