Saturday, March 15, 2003
By B. Jeffers

Long the hotspot for socialites and the youth of Westbridge, Fluxx was the site of a mysterious break-in and property destruction that has left local police baffled.

Owner and proprietor Blake Harte, who took ownership of the once-dilapidated nightclub just over a year ago and has since turned it into a hive of debauchery and excess for those fortunate enough to make it onto Harte’s coveted guest list.

Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a mysterious individual forcing his way into the club late last night and also report to have heard a great deal of noise as the unknown individual caused what one source stated was sure to be thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Chief Inspector Andrew Louis, however, was unable for comment regarding the bizarre occurrence, which one eyewitness claimed was perpetrated by a masked vigilante he dubbed “Nightshade”: “It was like the night came to life!” he declared. This reporter reached out to Blake Harte for a comment; however the response was not appropriate to be printed. The investigation is noted to be ongoing.

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