Academic Publications

After three years of studying English Studies at the University of Bedfordshire, I decided to pursue post-graduate studies at DeMontfort University in Leicester. After completing my Master’s degree, I spent the next five years working towards a PhD in the field of Adaptations and, as part of that, published the following works.

In the December 2012 issue of the Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance, you’ll find my article “Aggressive action, Oedipal inaction and incessant procrastination: The genre conventions of Hamlet”, in which I discuss four different screen versions of Hamlet.

If you’re studying film or adaptations, you can also find this article on reference sites like ResearchGate, EBSCOhost, and the World Shakespeare Bibliography.

The culmination of five years of my life, “Interplay: The Adaptive Contexts of Videogame Adaptations and Franchises Across Media” is a huge 80,000 word thesis in which I discuss the history of videogames, videogame adaptations, and attempt to construct an academic language in which to talk about this unique genre of filmmaking using some of the most famous (an infamous) examples).

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