Stitchface, Stitchface, comin’ to get’cha!
Stitchface, Stitchface, comin’ t’kill yah!
Mind your manners,
Mind your elders,
Say your prayers and leave on a light
‘Lest Mr. Stitchface come-a-callin’ on Halloween night!

For thirty years, Jenny Carpenter has lived in fear of “Mr. Stitchface”, the local bogeyman who attacked her on Halloween night when she was just a teenager. She’s so traumatised by these memories that she refuses to celebrate the season, much less let her own daughter, Dottie, go trick-or-treating. However, just as Jenny is prepared to relent, her worst nightmare threatens to come to life when Mr. Stitchface grabs his trusty pickaxe and comes calling once more…

2 thoughts on “Stitchface

  1. trippydaisy 05/03/2023 / 03:32

    I absolutely loved Stitchface great job


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