January 2023 Drabble Challenge: Goblin

Horror PromptsGillian Church is hosting a horror drabble challenge this January: 31 prompts for 31 creepy tales throughout January that clock in at around 100 words.

The Prompt:

The Submission:
“I can make this all go away,” the snivelling little goblin had whispered from the corner. “For a small fee…”

I was standing over Doris’s limp body. Her skin was so smooth and clean; almost like porcelain. But her head… her pretty red hair hung in clumps, matted to what was left of her skull by thick blood and fragments of bone. The claw hammer was stick sticking out from the back of her head and one bloodshot eyeball stared up at me vacantly, accusingly.

Cole had told me earlier. Casually, like it was nothing. Like ringing your best friend and admitting that you’ve fucked his girlfriend was something you did every day. I’m ashamed to say that a red mist had descended; I barely even remember what happened next. I’d gone down to the basement to confront Doris, there’d been shouting, crying, and then…

“Just a small fee,” it sneered, the dirty, jagged claws of its hand reached out expectantly.

After I’d struck her and she’d crumpled to the dirty stone floor in a heap, this… thing, this diminutive, cackling goblin with its fang-like teeth and squinted, pearlescent eyes, had hobbled out from the dark. Bells jangled from its dishevelled tunic; its long, crooked notes sported a sickening boil on one side, and its voice was like the crackling of brittle twigs.

Swallowing, struggling for breath, I turned to it. “What’s your price…?”

What did you think to the prompt for today’s drabble challenge? Did you submit anything for it? Have you ever written any flash fiction before? I’d love to know what you think to my snippets and writing prompts, so feel free to sign up and let me know what you think below or leave a comment on my Instagram page. You can also follow Gillian Church to take part in her Weekly Writing Prompt challenge.

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