January 2023 Drabble Challenge: Neck

Horror PromptsGillian Church is hosting a horror drabble challenge this January: 31 prompts for 31 creepy tales throughout January that clock in at around 100 words.

The Prompt:

The Submission:
Roger couldn’t believe his luck; just one day in a new town and he’d already caught the eye of the perky girl behind the counter at the local Teamos.

She was a vision; big, bright grey eyes, long curly blonde hair, pouty pinky-red lips, and beautiful, lush breasts that bulged beneath her blouse. He got a thrill just looking at her, drinking in her beauty and scent – a faint hint of citrus.

Roger delighted in the way she would flash him a bright, cheery smile and wish him a good day. He fantasised about her constantly; the feel of her creamy smooth skin, the taste of her flesh, the sensation of taking her, ravishing her, chewing at her neck like a man possessed.

Roger was poised, waiting in the drizzle for the girl to finish her shift.

Then he would have her, one way or another.

Tonight was the night.

What did you think to the prompt for today’s drabble challenge? Did you submit anything for it? Have you ever written any flash fiction before? I’d love to know what you think to my snippets and writing prompts, so feel free to sign up and let me know what you think below or leave a comment on my Instagram page. You can also follow Gillian Church to take part in her Weekly Writing Prompt challenge.

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