Whispers from the Black

There is darkness in the world, darkness in our hearts, and darkness lurking at the very edge of the imagination.

But what if that darkness were somehow alive?

What if, from this twisted Black, came the faintest call?

And what if we could hear those WHISPERS FROM THE BLACK?

A collection of five short horror tales from the mind of DR. STUART KNOTT, step into the fetid darkness and bear witness to:

Tess is devastated when her brother, Theo, apparently takes his own life, but she’s horrified when his diaries describe debauchery, sex, alternate realities … and a strange, wish-granting fox with nine tails whose offered generosity came with a heavy cost…

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A university student awakens to a bloodbath and soon finds himself and his friends stalked by an axe-wielding maniac across campus!

Can these terrified teens survive long enough to escape or will they too fall victim to the killer’s bloodied axe?

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Victor is a simple man who loves his wife and child, but his impatience with a careless driver sees him wracked with guilt and forced to face the consequences of his actions when a sinister curse befalls his beloved daughter…

Exclusive to the Collected Edition

Cat’s Eye
Dani and Anna are overjoyed to have adorable kitty Bert in their lives.

However, after malevolent disturbances drive Bert into a frenzy, Dani and Anna are faced a malicious entity looking to take everything and everyone they hold dear…

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The Peak
Four adventure-seekers try to rekindle their fractured friendship by conquering the frozen landscape of Mount Goemon, whose desolate peaks are home to a malicious curse that spells doom for all who set foot on the mountain…

First Published in The Summoning
Also exclusive to the Collected Edition

The Collected Edition
Available as both a physical paperback, hardback, and an e-Book, the entire Whispers from the Black collection brings together all five of these short stories, with one only being available in this format!

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