February Drabble Challenge: Poison

Horror PromptsGillian Church has created 28 single-word prompts and challenged writers to write a horror drabble for each. A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words, no more, no less (not counting the title).

Can you do it?

The Prompt:

The Submission:
John washed his hands again, desperately trying to scrub the blood and gore from under his nails.

It was everywhere; all down his shirt and even on the floor in faded, bloody footprints leading from the dining room.

Where Gloria’s body lay, a serrated knife jabbed in her throat.

He couldn’t believe she’d tried to poison him with such a cheap trick!

Replacing his pills like that! As if he couldn’t he tell orange from ochre!

Anyone could see that he acted in self-defence.

Still, it was probably better to grab a shovel and head back out into the garden.

What did you think to the prompt for this week’s drabble challenge? Did you submit anything for it? Have you ever written any flash fiction before? I’d love to know what you think to my snippets and writing prompts, so feel free to sign up and let me know what you think below or leave a comment on my Instagram page. You can also follow Gillian Church to take part in her Weekly Writing Prompt challenge.

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