Wrestling Recap

During our formative, teenage years, my friends and I were big fans of wrestling; the industry was at its peak back then as the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) went head-to-head with World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Since then, the industry and my passion for it has died down somewhat as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) reigns as the dominant “sports entertainment” product. Still, I like to keep abreast of current events in the WWE and share my thoughts on their annual pay-per-view events and classic matches.

Wrestling Recap: Clash of Champions: Gold Rush Predictions

It’s been a funny old time in the WWE since the one-two-punch of SummerSlam and Payback; things have actually had time to simmer and grow towards their next pay-per-view. I mean…not everything but most of the matches on the card actually have some history and build behind them rather than just being slapped together in … Continue reading Wrestling Recap: Clash of Champions: Gold Rush Predictions


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