10 FTW: Comic Book Crossovers We Need To See

If there’s one thing comic books allow, it’s the grandiose crossover between characters. Ever since Barry Allen met Jay Garrick all the way back in 1961 and introduced the idea of multiple parallel universes, comic book characters have existed in both isolated shared universes and travelled across a near infinite multiverse. DC and Marvel have … Continue reading 10 FTW: Comic Book Crossovers We Need To See

10 FTW: Under-Rated Sequels

Sequels are funny things; you have to get the balance just right between providing everything people enjoyed about the first moving but expanding upon the plot and characters in a natural way. If it’s difficult for a lot of sequels to get this right, it’s even harder for third, fourth, or other sequential entries to … Continue reading 10 FTW: Under-Rated Sequels

Talking Movies: The Predator

As much as I hate to admit it, the Predator franchise has had a bit of a tumultuous history. Despite the success of Predator (McTiernan, 1987), the underrated Predator 2 (Hopkins, 1990) didn’t really match the worldwide gross or critical reaction of its predecessor. We then had to wait fourteen years to see the ultimate … Continue reading Talking Movies: The Predator