Wrestling Recap: Payback Predictions

Now, you might be confused and I can understand that: SummerSlam was literally last week and we’re already getting another pay-per-view. The WWE has made a has job all year of properly building towards their events but SummerSlam was a total let down in terms of the card and the variety of matches the company had booked and having Payback one week later really doesn’t help with that. It’s almost as if the WWE should have skipped Payback and just scheduled SummerSlam for this week instead but, hey, what the hell do I know?

WWE United States Championship Match: Apollo Crews (c) vs. Bobby Lashley

Well, I mean…this is just perfect, isn’t it? I finally find a way to actually praise MVP for using his status and position to put over Apollo Crews and the very next night after SummerSlam Bobby Lashley remembers that he was supposed to be the one gunning for the United States Championship and now he is back in the picture! Honestly, I would have rather seen Apollo be on the receiving end of Aleister Black’s heel turn and have him slotted in for this match; it would be a new, fresh match for one thing and I’ve been saying for ages that Aleister attacking and challenging people who don’t have championships is pointless and stupid

My prediction: Apollo Crews by pin fall, championship retained

King Corbin vs. Matt Riddle

This one’s been building for a while, to a degree; since Matt Riddle dude-bro’d his way on to Smack Down, he’s been quietly making ripples and rubbing some of the Blue Brand’s heels the wrong way. In between King Corbin constantly beating a dead horse with his heel eprsona, he’s recently gained on-and-off help from Shorty G, which makes absolutely no sense but could be a factor into this match. However, I’, pretty sure that this won’t be the first time we see a face wipe the smirk off of Corbin’s big bald head and it certainly won’t be the last but hopefully it sets Riddle on a definitive course towards a meaningful storyline.

My prediction: Matt Riddle by submission

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: Sasha Banks and Bayley (c) vs. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

Yeah…this was a thing. Nia Jax was randomly tossed together with Shayna Baszler (apparently they’re both faces now? Which is…awkward, to say the least) and randomly they somehow became the number one contender’s to the long-forgotten Women’s Tag Team Championships. Of course, the real story here will be the continuation of the story between Sasha Banks and Bayley but you know it’s bad when they’re going to lose the belts to a random, nothing, nonsense team like this. Aren’t the Riott Squad back together?

My prediction: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler by submission, new champions crowned

Dominik Mysterio and Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins and Murphy

Well, I was somewhat expecting a version of this match (though I was gunning for a triple threat but I guess that’s out of the window now that Aleister Black has inexplicably turned heel) and I think that, maybe, this will be the time to turn Dominik Mysterio and have him align himself with Seth Rollins and his group. It’s maybe a bit too predictable but the WWE loves to do predictable stuff; it would also make very little sense, which is also, like, page one of the WWE’s playbook. Personally, I’d rather see Dom continue on as a pure babyface but it is the fastest and easiest way to book the Dominik/Rey Mysterio match both guys want.

My prediction: Seth Rollins and Murphy by pin fall (Dominik turns on Rey)

Keith Lee vs. Randy Orton

This was the big, big news on the Raw following SummerSlam. Like, literally big as Keith Lee, who has been wrecking it up in NXT as this super athletic and charismatic powerhouse, debuted on Raw after losing the NXT Championship at NXT XXX. Oddly, he immediately targeted Randy Orton despite the fact that Orton and Drew McIntyre had gotten into a scuffle and their issues are still to be resolved.

I’m not entirely certain as to why that call was made and kind of feel like Lee would fit better on Friday Night Smack Down and this match seems like a no-win situation. If Lee wins, which he absolutely should, does that make him the number one contender or will Orton still hover around the title? Either way, I’d actually really like to see Lee and McIntyre face off, face vs. face, and have Lee capture the belt.

My prediction: Keith Lee by pin fall

WWE Universal Championship No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match: The Fiend Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

Yep, well, it’s reassuring to know that if you ever want a shot at a World Championship in the WWE, all you have to do is dramatically rush the ring and attack the champion and the former champion while shouting at them. Seriously, I get that it’s Roman Reigns and injecting him into the feud between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman is a good way to mix things up and make things exciting given the history all three men have but they didn’t even wait until Smack Down to announce this match! Also, all triple threat matches are no holds barred so why even bother putting that in there?

Sadly, I feel Strowman will be the fall guy here; there’s no way the WWE would hot-shot the belt from Strowman to Wyatt to Reigns within a week, surely? I’d rather see Wyatt come out on top, push Strowman towards another opponent (Keith Lee would have been a great choice if he had signed with Smack Down like I mentioned), and focus on Reigns and Wyatt for the next couple of months.

My prediction: The Fiend, Bray Wyatt by pin fall, championship retained

What are your thoughts on this year’s Payback event? Who are your picks to win or lose? Are you feeling a little burned out considering SummerSlam literally just happened or are you happy to consume non-stop WWE programming? What did you think of Keith Lee’s debut and Roman Reigns’ return? Whatever your thoughts, leave a comment below and pop back on Monday for another chat about the results.

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