Wrestling Recap: Super Showdown Predictions

It’s been quite the month since the Royal Rumble; we’ve seen some odd booking decisions by the WWE which, honestly, shouldn’t really be all that surprising given that they were building towards this Saudi Arabia show and, of course, to WrestleMania.


On Raw, Seth Rollins has truly embraced his new heel persona as the “Monday Night Messiah”, an interesting take on CM Punk’s old Straight Edge Society gimmick, which saw him randomly win the Raw Tag Team Championships with Buddy Murphy (now just “Murphy”) despite having the Authors of Pain (an actual tag team) as part of his stable. This was a really good opportunity to turn AJ Styles and the O.C. face and have them engage in some good, old-fashioned gang warfare (perhaps alongside oh, let’s say, Cedric Alexander) over the United States, Tag Team, and Cruiserweight Championships but, instead, Rollins has been constantly butting heads with awkward-face Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, and the Viking Raiders.

So obviously the Street Profits are getting the title shot here.


Meanwhile, Ricochet inexplicably won himself the right to challenge Brock Lesner for the WWE Championship, which was a nice surprise but, in another life, it might have been slightly better to have tossed Bobby Lashley into the mix somehow/as well as, since finally beating Rusev, he’s just lost and lost again.


Over on Friday Night SmackDown, we saw the surprise (and welcome) return of John Morrison, who quickly helped the Miz turn heel and reform their team, and the dramatic return of Goldberg. Goldberg also just awarded himself a Universal Championship match against the Fiend, Bray Wyatt because…Saudi Arabia? WrestleMania?

Anyway, regardless, we’re back in the middle of Vince McMahon’s reaping of the blood money so I guess we better get down to some predictions…


Gauntlet Match for the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy: AJ Styles vs. R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Erick Rowan vs. Andrade

It’s your obligatory Saudi Arabia clusterfuck for a trophy/title that means absolutely nothing (unless you’re Shane McMahon); seriously, this match has the United States Champion in it so why not just make it about that (y’know, an actual belt?)

Speaking of which, Andrade landed himself in a bit of hot water recently and got himself suspended for violating the WWE’s Wellness Policy but, apparently, Paul Heyman made the executive decision to not have him drop the belt because he’s got big plans for him.

I don’t really see those plans meaning anything here; I was going to pick Rusev to win this match as he got so royally screwed over by that feud with Bobby Lashley, but he literally got replaced at the last minute by Rey Mysterio so…R-Truth, I guess?

My prediction: R-Truth by pin fall.

WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Ricochet

Brock Lesnar usually likes to get out of Saudi Arabia early so I think we’ll see him come in, toss Ricochet around for about five minutes, and then get the hell out of there after a brief towel down.

This is a great spotlight for Ricochet as, without this Saudi Arabia show, I don’t think we’d ever see him get a World Championship shot, least of all against Brock Lesnar, but there’s no way he’s walking away with the championship, no matter how many times he beats other, similarly-sized opponents.

He might, however, get lucky an escape with a disqualification victory if Drew McIntyre decides to get involved but I think it’s far more likely that he’s going to get F5’d right into the back row.

My prediction: Brock Lesnar by murder-death-kill to retain the championship.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Bayley (c) vs. Naomi

This is a weird one as the WWE spent some effort building up Naomi as the perfect challenger for Bayley and then, out of nowhere, had Carmella earn herself a title shot and a big old faff cropped up between those two over who deserved to face Bayley.

Truthfully, neither really feel like red hot prospects, especially compared to the increasingly-brutal build to Shayna Baszler/Becky Lynch over on Raw and the only women’s championship story that matters: who will Charlotte Flair face at WrestleMania?

Yet, it is what it is and I still think we’re on course for some kind of showdown between Bayley and Sasha Banks (despite the fact she’s never on television and neither woman can really be turned face at this point, can they?) so I think this one can only go one way…

My prediction: Bayley, by nefarious means, to retain the championship.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: Seth Rollins and Murphy (c) vs. The Street Profits

So, yeah, as I mentioned up top Rollins recruited Murphy into his little fraternity and, randomly, won the Raw Tag Team Championships from the Viking Raiders (who never really got to build any kind of meaningful reign) despite having the AOP on his side.


Apparently, this was “phase one” of his “masterplan” which…is a pretty crap plan, to be honest. Why not capture the United States Championship, then help the AOP win the tag belts and Murphy win the Cruiserweight Championship and semi-dominate Raw as a powerful, meaningful feel stable?

Oh, yeah, that’s right: the WWE doesn’t like having stables win loads of gold, despite it being a perfect storyline for faces to challenge them and band together and would much rather have Rollins have another title reign with a random, mismatched partner.

Honestly, the Street Profits have bene introduced to this feud so late in the game that I don’t really see them winning here; maybe we’re building towards a four-way for the belts between Rollins and Murphy, the Profits, the Viking Raiders, and Owens and Joe? That might actually be kind of good as, at least, it would make the face’s efforts also about capturing the misused and undervalued Raw Tag Team Championships.

My prediction: Seth Rollins and Murphy to win, probably through shenanigans, and retain the championships.

Steel Cage Match: Baron Corbin vs. Roman Reigns

It’s the feud that just will not die! Despite Roman Reigns finally besting Corbin on SmackDown and covering him in, and feeding him, dog food, the King just keeps coming back for more and more.


I read somewhere that, apparently, this feud has been going on and off in one form or another for about five months now. Five months! That’s Dolph Ziggler levels of redundancy (although, he is one of Corbin’s cronies…).

I guess that this is just filler and an excuse to get Reigns on the Saudi card and to humiliate Corbin a bit more but, hopefully, this is the last time we see these two clash for a while and the WWE use a fall from the cage as a way to write Corbin off television for a little while and, I guess, push Reigns back towards the Universal Championship.

My prediction: Roman Reigns by pin fall.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day (c) vs. John Morrison and The Miz

It still blows my mind that Kofi Kingston is slumming it in the tag team division again and that the WWE goes out of their way to either downplay or ignore his WWE Championship reign; what a complete waste of everyone’s time!

Anyway, yeah, Morrison and Miz are back together and immediately decided to sneak their way into a title shot. I have to say that this kind of reminds me of Shelton Benjamin’s big return to the WWE, remember that? He dramatically came back and got lumbered in a tag team with Chad Gable and now he’s in the main event of Main Event. A similar kind of thing has happened to Lashley, who went from a dominating World Champion outside of the WWE to a cuckold.

I think the most likely scenario here, though, is that Morrison and Miz will take the titles so that some other babyface tag team (…probably the New Day or the Usos as the WWE only seem to care about those guys) can beat them for the belts at WrestleMania.

My prediction: John Morrison and the Miz by pin fall.

WWE Universal Championship Match: The Fiend, Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Goldberg

I mean, this has to be the main event, right? Why else would you bring Goldberg back but to be the main event attraction for a country that has no idea who modern WWE wrestlers are?

As mentioned above, this match really pisses me off; why couldn’t Goldberg have shown up on Raw and singled out Bobby Lashley? Why does he have to be in a title match?

Oh, that’s right, because the WWE is fuckin’ stupid about Saudi Arabia and the buy rate for WrestleMania and just cannot have the Fiend, Bray Wyatt (who has been on a massive monster push of a title reign) walk into WrestleMania as a World Champion.

No, it’s much better to have Gold-fuckin’-berg destroy the Fiend in embarrassing fashion and have him be the Universal Champion so he can face, I dunno, the Big Show or someone stupid like that!

I am hoping, begging, for a disqualification victory for Goldberg but you just know that isn’t what’s going to happen…

My prediction: Goldberg, by shitting all over the Fiend’s mystique (and pin fall).

What are your thoughts on this year’s Super Showdown? Are you as pissed off about Goldberg as I am? Will you even be watching? Let me know in the comments and pop back next time for the results breakdown.


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