This Week In Wrestling


This week, I have an announcement for the few people that actually take the time to read and follow my blog (and, specifically, this weekly column).

In a nutshell, I’m getting kind of burned out by recapping the events of the WWE’s main roster shows week in and week out, only to see the same issues crop up time and time again. Not only that, but I feel as though the blog has become anchored by this column at the detriment of other writings; it’s hard to plan out a movie or videogame review when I have to write about the WWE every week.

As a result, I’ve decided to take a step back and restructure the column.

Going forward, rather than recap Raw and Smack Down every single week, I will post at least two columns a month as part of a brand new entry to the site:


Wrestling Recap will, at minimum, detail my predictions for upcoming WWE pay-per-views and a recap of the event itself a few days later. In this column, I will talk about what’s been happening on the main rosters to build to the pay-per-view, as I’ll still be following WWE programming, and I will make more of an effort to chart how accurate my predictions have been.

This also opens up the possibility of my using Wrestling Recap to talk about other wrestling things, perhaps old pay-per-views, specifics wrestlers or experiences, and, if I get the chance/time, significant news and updates.

Honestly, I have been planning this for a while but was planning to, at least, reach WrestleMania but it’s time to pull the trigger as it’s really eating up my time and, judging by my site’s stats, it’s not really worth putting that much effort into a weekly recap.

Hopefully, Wrestling Recap will help to reignite my interest in wrestling and improve the quality of the column going forward.




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