This Week In Wrestling



Brock Lesnar must be gearing up to retire because he only bloody went and showed on Raw this week, where Paul Heyman officially announced that FOX got absolutely screwed over in their deal to get Smack Down on their network as Lesnar has now joined the Raw brand, meaning that the Fiend, Bray Wyatt, has taken the Universal Championship to Smack Down…which is just all very weird and unnecessary. Anyway, Lesnar spent the first part of the night wrecking fools around the arena in his search for Rey Mysterio, who eventually got the upper hand thanks to a lead pipe and talked himself into a WWE Championship match with Lesnar at Survivor Series.

The first match of the night saw Charlotte Flair and Natalya once again team up to defeat the Kabuki Warriors in non-title action, presumably to set-up a title shot at Survivor Series and set us on the path towards either Flair or Nattie turning on the other. I will say this, though, they totally blew my fantasy booking around the Women’s Tag Team Championship out of the water.

Buddy Murphy then defeated Cedric Alexander in a short but inoffensive match but….remember when both of these guys were being pushed as being slightly more important than just a random throwaway match on Raw?

Seth Rollins popped out next to talk about losing the Universal Championship; apparently, there are certain segments of the fanbase who now hate Rollins, which is really bizarre as, apart from suddenly adding a finisher spam-fest to his arsenal, he’s been really entertaining this year. Anyway, Triple H came out to try and woo Rollins into siding with NXT, which saw some NXT guys get chased off by some of the Raw roster and Rollins (in a backstage segment) later apparently switch back to NXT and get himself an NXT Championship match against Adam Cole later in the night.

Sin Cara and Carolina were still unable to put their newfound union to any use as they lost to Andrade and Zelina Vega; I can only hope that this is the last we’ll see of this bullshit as Andrade deserves so much more than slumming it with Sin-bloody-Cara.

Drew McIntyre once again proved that he’s the go-to henchman of the WWE as he substituted for the “injured” Bobby Lashley to take on Rusev; to make matter worse, Test McIntyre couldn’t even get the win as Lashley decided to attack right as it looked as though Rusev was going to build some kind of momentum. Rusev then needed Ricochet’s assistance when Randy Orton decided to join in on the post-match beatdown…which is really weird as…isn’t Orton on Smack Down? I honestly have no idea any more.

Anyway, after Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler traded some words to help build towards Survivor Series, the Street Profits and Humberto Carrillo teamed up against the O.C. and, surprisingly, lost. So, is it just me or are the WWE telling identical six-man tag team stories on both their shows with the O.C. and the New Day? Well, while it wasn’t good for recent call-ups to lose like this, they should lose to a career six-man team and it helps build towards a potential feud between Humberto and AJ Styles for the United States Championship.

After the Viking Raiders destroyed some jobbers, Rollins got his NXT Championship in the main event; although Rollins was able to counter the Last Shot into a roll-up, he couldn’t get the victory and, right as he was about to hit the Stomp, the Undisputed Era attacked for the disqualification finish. A massive brawl then broke out between the Raw superstars and the NXT guys, once again helping to paint NXT as a formidable force…hopefully, they’ll win all of their matches at Survivor Series or else it’ll all mean nothing.


King Corbin started off the night this week and immediately got into it with Roman Reigns to set-up the main event of the evening, which is a match we haven’t seen for quite a while, I guess, before the New Day randomly got a Smack Down Tag Team Championship shot against the Revival…and won, meaning that the New Day will be added to the triple threat tag team match between all the Tag Team Champions at Survivor Series because…merchandise, I guess. Remember when Kofi Kingston was the WWE Champion? Well, now he’s a Tag Team Champion…again…

Shinsuke Nakamura then randomly teamed up with Cesaro to take on, and defeat, the team of Ali and Shorty G; I could actually get behind Ali and Gable as a tag team, but the real story here revolved around Sami Zayn apparently trying to recruit Daniel Bryan to team up with him and Nakamura. I guess a stable between Bryan, Nakamura, and Cesaro could work but…Zayn being the figurehead of that stable doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’d much rather he turned on Team WWE to help out the NXT guys and go back to NXT where he might actually get a chance to do something.

Sasha Banks was up next; she fought with Nikki Cross and, of course, defeated her with some interference from Bayley. I’d really like this to be part of the gauntlet Nikki has to battle through to get a chance with the Smack Down Women’s Championship but, who are we kidding? It’ll probably just degenerate into Sasha and Bayley as always. After the match, Shayna Baszler attacked Bayley to continue NXT’s attack on the WWE.

Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman quickly buried the hatchet, shook hands, and decimated the B-Team to make their debut as a monster tag team…which might, at least, cover for Fury’s greenness in the ring. Afterwards, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville took on Dana Brooke and Carmella, with the faces getting the win to earn a place on the women’s Survivor Series team.

Finally, King Corbin and Roman Reigns finished the night off with a bit of a crowded mess as Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler showed up part-way through and their interference distracted Reigns enough for Corbin to hit the End of Days and win. Man, Corbin is gonna get wrecked later down the line…



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