This Week In Wrestling




Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair opened things up this week to kind of turn Charlotte tweener/heel-ish; they ended up in another match (because the WWE is only really concerned about the Horsewomen these days) that saw Becky kick out of the Spear and roll Charlotte up for the victory. I hope you enjoyed this match as, now that Charlotte is officially on Raw, we’ll be seeing it again and again (…and again…).

Ali and Andrade were up next; have I ever mentioned how much I hate it when people are drafted from one show to another only to end up fighting, or feuding, with people from the show they just came from? The whole point of the brand split is to keep wrestlers apart so that when they jump to a new brand we get fresh matches but the WWE abandoned that a long time ago and now we get redundant stuff like this. Anyway, Andrade got the victory because we have to keep Charlotte happy…

Randomly, out of nowhere, the Viking Raiders got a title match against the Raw Tag Team Champions, Absolutely Glorious; they probably earned the shot at some point but I’m pretty sure they didn’t. Either way, Erik ad Ivar got the win, and the belts, finally bringing the championships back to a proper team…for now…and probably spelling the end for Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode’s weird ass team.

Eric Young made a triumphant return to television by losing to Aleister Black in no time at all before Ricochet and Shelton Benjamin’s match was criminally short for the quality these guys are capable of. Ricochet won with the Recoil but I can’t help but feel all four of these guys are just continuously treading water no mater what brand they are on.

Jerry “The King” Lawler was roped into moderating the contract signing between Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury. Apparently, Fury is an undefeated World Champion in the boxing world but I don’t really care about that, and neither will you after witnessing his embarrassing struggle to snap a pen in two!

Buddy Murphy defeated Cedric Alexander afterwards, because Raw is apparently becoming the home of the cruiserweights in this latest draft. That would be fine but Raw is the land of the giants, no matter how many big names get pushed to Smack Down to appease FOX, so I’m sure it won’t be long before we see these cruiserweights sacrificed to their bigger counterparts.

The Kabuki Warriors then randomly put the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships on the line against Natalya and…Lacey Evans? What? To make this random team-up worse, Nattie actually specifically chose her hated rival as her partner because….fucked if I know! Also, I actually like the idea of the Women’s Tag Team Championships being defended on television every week but this felt more like an excuse to try and force a spanner into the middle of Lacey and Nattie’s feud when all I really want is to see them separated for a long-ass time.

Raw ended with Seth Rollins somehow making his way to the Firefly Funhouse set to attack Bray Wyatt and literally burn it down. How he made his way there is anyone’s guess but, yeah…fire!!


Once again, Shinsuke Nakamura was used to further a storyline completely separate and disconnected from anything regarding the Intercontinental Championship as Smack Down opened up with him taking on Roman Reigns. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Luckily, rather than eating a pin fall and looking like a completely chump, Reigns only one because King Corbin randomly decided to attacking him and cause a disqualification. Daniel Bryan tried to make the save afterwards and ate a Kinshasa for his efforts.

Chad…ugh, “Shorty” Gable then beat Curtis Axel in no time at all and celebrated like that win was supposed to mean anything, then spouted some rubbish about overcoming insecurity and embracing who he is and rebranded himself…Shorty G. I mean, seriously, what the hell is this!?

Kofi Kingston continued his downward spiral back into goofy, team-based comedy as he teamed with the rest of the New Day and Heavy Machinery to take on Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, and the Revival. The New Day got the victory with the Midnight Hour, potentially setting them up for a shot at the Smack Down Tag Team Championships but, again, talk about taking a massive step backwards for Kofi as he’s right back in the tag scene like h was never the WWE Champion…

After Bayley explained her heel turn on Miz TV, Nikki Cross outlasted Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, Carmella, and Sonya Deville in a six-pack challenge match to become the next challenger to Bayley’s Smack Down Women’s Championship. Great news for everyone here as it’s about damn time we saw a different face involved in the championship scene.

Drew Gulak was then sacrificed to Braun Strowman to give him an unnecessary win ahead of his match at Crown Jewel. Expect to see more of shit like this if Strowman loses to Tyson Fury…

So, apparently, Seth Rollins no longer going on Team Hogan so Roman Reigns was named as his replacement. To help build more hype towards that, Reigns teamed with Daniel Bryan to take on and defeated King Corbin and Shinsuke Nakamura, though it’s unlikely that Bryan will be on the team as he also is not going to Saudi Arabia so…why, again?



Seth Rollins
Charlotte Flair
Zelina Vega
Kairi Sane
Aleister Black
Cedric Alexander
Humberto Carillo
Erick Rowan
Buddy Murphy
Jinder Mahal
Samoa Joe
Akira Tozawa
Shelton Benjamin
Rey Mysterio
Titus O’Neil
Liv Morgan


Brock Lesnar
Kofi Kingston
Big E
Xavier Woods
Daniel Bryan
Shinsuke Nakamura
Dolph Ziggler
Robert Roode
The Miz
King Corbin
Shorty Gable

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