This Week In Wrestling



After reminding everyone of all of Roman Reigns’ near-death experiences, Dolph Ziggler came out to run his mouth and ended up in a match with Roman himself. Although Reigns wasn’t forced to play “face-in-peril” during this match, he did spend quite a bit of time on the back foot after Ziggler hit an early Zig-Zag but, fear not, our conquering hero won with a single Spear before long though, in all honesty, this probably should’ve just been a wham, bam, and done squash match for Reigns.

Jerry “The King” Lawler got wheeled out to have a chat with Becky Lynch about Sasha Banks’ big return and heel turn last week, only to end up getting taken out by the Fiend and his Mandible Claw; I do love how Bray Wyatt is just attacking anyone and everyone, but it will need to lead to some kind of goal at some point.

Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre then teamed up to face the Miz and Ricochet; my thoughts on Miz’s face turn aside, it still feels weird seeing him being all chummy-chummy with other faces, kinda like whenever Kevin Owens teams up with people. Anyway, Ricochet took point here and this match was primarily designed to make him look decent following his recent losses, which is good news for him (and the Miz, by extension, as the faces got the win).

The match between Braun Strowman and AJ Styles never really got to take place as, after being bitch-slapped by Styles, Braun chose to run roughshod and the match got thrown out after Luke Gallows caused a disqualification. When the O.C. beat Strowman down, Seth Rollins made the save, which honestly isn’t that great an idea as a) Strowman should be able to fight off three men at once and b) it would’ve made the O.C. look super strong if they could’ve destroyed Strowman here.

The first match of the renewed King of the Ring tournament saw Cesaro face off with Samoa Joe which, honestly, is a World Championship-level feud I could totally get behind if the WWE took the damn handcuffs off both men and actually gave them a proper push. Instead, Joe got to settle for partaking in a hard-hitting, physical match and coming out the victor, though I would’ve liked to have seen Cesaro get the win and a main event push off of it.

After Elias escaped with the 24/7 Championship once more, Rey Mysterio came out to tease unmasking (…again) and retiring but his son, Dominic, managed to talk him out of both by begging him to team up with him. I’m gonna predict Rey and Dom tag, maybe win a set of tag belts, then Dom will turn on him and Rey will pass the torch (and potentially the mask, if only as entrance attire) before the year is out.

The Revival and the New Day were up next, though the match got cut short just as it was starting to heat up when Randy Orton flew in out of nowhere to hit an RKO on Big E. after the match was thrown out, Orton hit both Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods with an RKO and then forced Kofi to watch as the Revival assaulted Xavier. After that, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in a less-than-stellar contest that served only to prove that the WWE doesn’t really have any real tag teams for their women’s tag team division.

The King of the Ring continued with Sami Zayn taking on Cedric Alexander; Zayn controlled the match in the early going but Cedric is now the flavour of the month so he soon got the win with the Lumbar Check, cutting off any hopes of a plan fo Sami once again.

Raw finished with Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman teaming up to challenge Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson for the Raw Tag Team Championships because…I dunno, they shook hands earlier in the night? Seems rush to me but what do I know? Anyway, the O.C. targeted Seth’s still-injured ribs, forcing him into the defensive until he made the big tag to Strowman. Thanks to AJ Styles, the O.C. were able to stay in control a bit longer but, once Seth had recovered enough to contribute, the faces got the win after a Running Powerslam and Rollins took AJ out with a Stomp but almost immediately seemed to be wavering in their newfound unity when Strowman eyed the Universal Championship. Now that really is rushed…


Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston got into a war of the words to kick off the Blue Brand this week; tensions ran so high that Kofi threatened to break Orton’s leg but, when they interrupted him, he had to settle for beating down the Revival.

Apollo Crews and Andrade went at it as part of the King of the Ring tournament; so far, I’m liking the picks for the King of the Ring, especially as a lot of these guys are floundering around with nothing to do and the WWE won’t mix them up into the mid-card title scene. Anyway, Crews got a great innings here and actually looked credible and intimidating for a change, but Andrade got the win after Zelina Vega distracted Crews enough for Andrade to hit the Hammerlock DDT.

Surprising no one, Charlotte Flair basically named herself Bayley’s next challenger on A Moment of Bliss, because God forbid we got more than a month or so without Charlotte sticking her big, stupid nose into the title picture. Afterwards, Buddy Murphy took on Daniel Bryan to continue the mini feud they’ve developed since Bryan and Rowan fingered (lol!!) Murphy as the man behind Roman Reigns’ recent mishaps; surprisingly enough, Buddy got the shock win here after dispatching of Rowan and hitting Bryan with Murphy;s Law, however he did get the shit kicked out of him immediately afterwards. Is the WWE just substituting Ali’s previous push for one for Ali? I dunno, I just find it weird how the WWE randomly brings up cruiserweights to push them but doesn’t really do a whole lot with them beyond some big wins.

Heavy Machinery took on the Revival afterwards; Tucker targeted Dash Wilder’s injured ribs but soon got isolated and grounded. Again, there’s something really off about two massive dudes like Heavy Machinery being picked apart like this; I guess the WWE doesn’t want to book them exactly like the Viking Raiders, even though they could (and arguably should) so they can have a cross-brand tag team match between two massive undefeated monster teams. But that probably isn’t happening any time soon as the Revival got the win here.

Sami Zayn ran his mouth on Miz TV and announced a newly-forged alliance with Shinsuke Nakamura, who attacked the Miz to solidify the partnership, before Elias and Kevin Owens competed in a King of the Ring match. Shane McMahon distracted Owens enough for Elias to take control and, right as Owens was building his momentum, Shane jumped in and revealed he was wearing a referee’s shirt the whole time so, of course, did a fast count on Owens so Elias could progress in the tournament.

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