This Week In Wrestling



Roman Reigns opened the show again this week, because the wildcard rule is more of a “Get Roman On Every Show” rule, only to be immediately interrupted by Shane McMahon. Shane’s newest recruits, the Revival, attacked Reigns midway through the verbal exchange, which led us into a classic six-man tag team match pitting Reigns and the Usos against the Revival and Drew McIntyre. Surprisingly, the heels not only put in a good innings, they actually got the win thanks to Shane’s interference; after the match, Reigns got hit with the Shatter Machine and a crappy looking Spear from Shane. Just the idea that Shane is being booked to be a threat to Reigns is crazy.

After Seth Rollins spoke a bit more about Brock Lesnar’s threat to cash in and Baron Corbin’s reputation, Lars Sullivan destroyed the Lucha House Party but was eventually forced to retreat after they threw a load of dropkicks at him.

Becky Lynch stoked the fires of her issues with Lacey Evans a bit more, which led to a match between Lacey and Charlotte Flair; things didn’t really get much of a chance to kick into another gear as Becky ended up attacking Charlotte and causing a disqualification. Afterwards, Rey Mysterio reluctantly gave up the United States Championship to Samoa Joe due to injury and got choked out for his troubles.

Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley built up their match at Super Showdown in the most intense way possible…an arm wrestling contest. Braun won, so Lashley threw chalk dust in his eyes and took him out with a Running Powerslam. After that nonsense, Nikki Cross and Peyton Royce went at it; Nikki was able to get the win after Billie Kay caused Alexa Bliss to spill her coffee and briefly turn face to help Nikki put a few more nails in the coffin of the Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Seth Rollins came back and ended up in a confrontation with Brock Lesnar that saw Lesnar beat Rollins six ways to Sunday but refuse to cash in; Lesnar left Rollins on a stretcher and promised to cash in at Super Showdown because simply pinning right then and there when Rollins is at his most helpless is too much of a good idea, apparently…

Triple H and Randy Orton engaged in a long-winded dick-measuring contest to build some last-minute hype for their match at Super Showdown, which will probably be the usual, drawn out snooze-fest we’ve all come to expect from these two, before Ricochet and Cesaro went at it one last time. this time, Ricochet got the win, which would be great if they were actually feuding over something or working towards something.

Raw ended with the rare appearance of the Undertaker, who basically just showed up to tell Goldberg that he’s next…


The New Day opened the blue brand this week so that Kofi Kingston could air his grievances with Dolph Ziggler; Ziggler arrived and the two traded shots and video evidence (continently prepared at their request…) to show how their careers have taken similar paths. I never really noticed it until they pointed it out, to be honest; anyway, after they both vowed to win at Super Showdown, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn faced off against Kofi and Xavier Woods (because we can’t have two six-man tag team matches on back-to-back nights….that would be crazy!), which saw Kofi get the win after a pretty formulaic bout.

After that, Elias made short work of R-Truth to become the 24/7 Champion again but, after all the jobbers who made up the lumberjacks in their match stormed the ring, R-Truth managed to win the belt back after pinning Elias under the ring.

Shane McMahon and his goons arrived again to taunt Roman Reigns some more; Reigns attacked and destroyed the Revival with ease but got laid out with a Claymore from Drew McIntyre out of nowhere and Speared once again because seeing Shane dominated your “biggest star” two nights in a row is clearly good for business…

After a bit of back and forth earlier in the night, Carmella, Alexa Bliss, and (of course) Charlotte Flair fought to determine Bayley’s next challenger; everyone got a chance to shine and it was nice to finally see Alexa back in the ring. Even better, Alexa got the win after Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville interfered, finally giving us a Women’s Championship match without Charlotte’s involvement.

After Lars Sullivan cut an awkward promo, Andrade attacked Apollo Crews and ended up getting into a confrontation with Finn Balor…which Andrade still came out on top of. Finally, Goldberg showed up for the first time ever to cut a passionate promo vowing to defeat the Undertaker at Super Showdown. The Undertaker even showed up for a bit of a stare down but didn’t stick around for long because he was obviously double parked or something…



The Usos vs. The Revival
I’m not even sure what the point of this match, or feud, is anymore since the Usos got sidetracked challenging for the SmackDown! Live Tag Team Championships and the Raw tag Team Champions have been largely absent for what feels like months now. I’m going to stay on the side of caution and optimism and hope that, after all the crap they’ve been put through, the Revival gets the win and gets to challenge for the belts soon after.

Fifty-Man Battle Royal
They haven’t named all the entrants for this one yet but I’m going to pick Drew McIntyre, if he ends up being in it, if only to help keep some spotlight on him. If he’s not in it then, I dunno…Ali? Samoa Joe?

Lars Sullivan vs. The Lucha House Party
The Lucha House Party is clearly being lined up as lambs to the slaughter here; hopefully, this’ll be a quick and easy legal murder as Lars Sullivan gets a dominating win but, at the same time, I could totally see the Lucha boys randomly winning.

WWE Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler
It’s always nice to see Dolph Ziggler back in the title hunt and his new attitude is a nice breath of fresh air for him; he fits the role of a semi-credible heel challenger really well and this should be a nice distraction before the WWE gets back on track with Kevin Owens because Kofi Kingston is most likely going to retain here, even if by disqualification.

Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley
I’m surprised it took this long for the WWE to get a feud between these two started but they’ve not exactly been doing the best job building towards it; why are they arm wrestling when they should be toppling cars and doing ludicrous stunts? Anyway, this should be a decent big man match but I reckon Bran Strowman is going over here for sure.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Finn Balor (c) vs. Andrade
This match and feud seems to have come out of nowhere as I don’t recall Andrade doing much of anything to earn a shot but then my memory is not what it once was. Because of that, while I absolutely could by Andrade winning and being the Intercontinental Champion, I think it’s too soon for him to win it with such little build so I’ll go with Finn Balor.

Triple H vs. Randy Orton
I mean, this is going to be dull, isn’t it? Triple H will work his plodding, boring match while Orton sleepwalks through with headlocks and an RKO out of nowhere. Like last year’s event, where Triple H fought John Cena, it’s hard to care about this match when there’s been next to no build up but, hopefully, both guys bring their A game for a change. Oh, and I’ll go with Randy Orton for the win as he has more of a chance to be back in the ring and wrestling matches the following week.

Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon
This match is difficult for me; on the one hand, if Roman Reigns wins, it makes the Miz look super weak for losing, what? Three matches in a row to Shane McMahon. But, if Shan wins, it’ll be the worst decision ever made. Knowing the WWE, the Miz will interfere and cost Reigns the match but, staying with the optimism, I’m going to say that Roman Reigns destroys Shane here…but Shane will get some good licks in for sure because he’s that great…

The Undertaker vs. Goldberg
Similar to the last match, I am struggling with this one; fifteen years ago, this would have been a marquee match and, while it is still a dream match, the Undertaker is so flimsy and unreliable with his in-ring work and Goldberg isn’t exactly technically skilled enough to carry ‘Taker to much more than a simple “Best Of” affair. This one will be all about he entrances, the stare down, and then both guys running through their signature moves before Goldberg gets the win.

WWE Universal Championship Match: Seth Rollins © vs. Baron Corbin
Unlike a lot of people, I am happy to see Baron Corbin challenging for a World title, if only because it puts another fresh face in the main event scene and gives Seth Rollins a big, much-hated heel to go up against and conquer. However, while I have no doubt that Seth Rollins will retain, I am very worried that the WWE will actually follow through with Brock Lesnar and have him successfully cash in to regain the belt. I am hoping, begging, for that not to happen as it is absolutely the worst idea to do right now.

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