This Week In Wrestling



Kofi Kingston showed up on Raw this week to talk about his recent issues with Dolph Ziggler and to challenge Brock Lesnar to cash in right then and there; Seth Rollins also came out to demand an answer from Lesnar, which brought the big ox out (still carrying the briefcase like a boom box…) just long enough to say he won’t actually be revealing any information any time soon. Ziggler went for the attack, which led to a brawl between him and Xavier Woods, which Kofi was very slow at intervening in. Afterwards, Ziggler ranted about Kofi again and basically promised to dethrone him at Super Show-Down.

Shane McMahon then came out to talk about his issues with Roman Reigns; this led to him making short work of Lance Anoa’i (…whoever that is…) and beating on him until reigns made the save. Afterwards, Becky Lynch and Nikki Cross (which is honestly a duo I could do with seeing more of) defeated the Iiconics to further throw dirt on the legacy of the WWE Women’s Championships; why a team doesn’t just challenge them to defend the belts and beat them is beyond me.

Ricochet and Cesaro had a rematch from last week which, of course, saw Ricochet get the win; while these two do put on really good matches, the 50/50 booking isn’t helping either of them and they really should be edging their way towards the Intercontinental Championship rather than just spinning their wheels.

As AJ Styles is apparently injured at the moment, he was replaced in a number one contender elimination match…by Baron Corbin. The Miz, Braun Strowman, and Lashley were also involved in the match, despite the fact that Lashley and Strowman are scheduled to have a match at Super Show-Down already. A massive brawl kicked things off before Corbin and Lashley worked together to subdue Strowman and then started beating Miz from pillar to post. Strowman made a massive comeback but got distracted with Lashley and the two of them fought off into the crowd, leaving Corbin to pin Miz with the End of Days and get the title shot. I’m actually glad to see Corbin back in the title hunt after all this time languishing about as an authority figure and a complete asshole but it’s hard to argue that he deserves to get the shot; at the very least, it’ll be pleasing to see Rollins Stomp his face into the canvas.

Sami Zayn talked shit about the fans in yet another talk show segment before getting to face Rollins in a match; Sami worked a grounded game, which was a bit unusual for him, but again got a good showing to showcase why he’s wasted not being pushed towards the top of the card more often. In the end, they ended up trading strikes and Rollins had to fight out of a Figure Four and land two Stomps to get the win.


Kevin Owens opened the night to talk shit about Kofi Kingston and the New Day, which leads to a confrontation with the New Day and a non-title match between Owens and Kingston; interesting that Seth Rollins was featured so prominently on Raw but the WWE Champion is still relegated to the opening segments and matches. Luckily, these two put on a great match and I’m still happy to see Owens back in the championship hunt; he makes a great asshole heel for Kofi to butt heads with. In the end, Kofi countered the Pop-Up Powerbomb into a Trouble In Paradise and got the win.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan turned up to talk shit about the SmackDown! Live tag team scene, which isn’t much to shout about at the best of times, but declined to put the belts on the line against Heavy Machinery when they finally showed up on television. Afterwards, Carmella and Mandy Rose had a bit of a match to promote Mandy’s stint as the cover model of Muscle & Fitness; Sonya Deville distracted Carmella just long enough for Mandy to roll her up.

Shane McMahon, Elias, and Drew McIntyre all rocked up for “Shane McMahon Appreciation Night”, which I am starting to think is every fucking night that the WWE is producing television; their little shin-dig was interrupted by R-Truth in his quest to defend the 24/7 Championship so they all beat him up so bad that Elias pinned him to win the belt.

Lacey Evans and Bayley were up next; Charlotte Flair tried to distract Bayley but she was able to counter Lacey’s roll up into a pin of her own and get the win, though she got beaten up by the heels afterwards anyway.

The night ended with Roman Reigns and R-Truth teaming up against Drew McIntyre and Elias; thanks to Shane, the heels took control after the early portions and isolated R-Truth for a large portion of the match. Once R-Truth made the hot tag, reigns cleared house, drove off Shane, and pinned Elias after a Spear. After the match, Reigns Speared Elias again and kindly allowed R-Truth to regain the 24/7 Championship…because that belt is too small-time for Reigns…despite the fact that the Undertaker was once the Hardcore Champion…

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