The Teamos Connection: Book One Now Available

0. TeamosTitle

I’m very happy to announce that, after a long time in obscurity due to work, life, and re-drafting, the first book in The Teamos Connection is now available to purchase and download to your eReading device.

Teamos is the largest and most profitable supermarket retailer in the United Kingdom; their reach and influence covers not only all manner of retail goods and services but also top secret, highly experimental weapons testing and genetic engineering.

In these tales, each laced with dark comedy, macabre imagery, and controversial content, witness how Teamos keeps its staff and customers placated in order to ensure its continued survival while its loyal and unquestioning managerial staff work around the clock to further progress their bizarre and horrific genetic research.

1. TeamosConsequences

Consequences details some of the history of Teamos, how their inner circle operates and the mindset of one of their most loyal employees, while also delving into the only blemish in their entire history when one disgruntled former retailer attempts to bring the company down, with disastrous results.

Download today from the Amazon of your choice.

You can also rate and review the book on Goodreads and Like and Follow the official Facebook page, or visit the Teamos page on this site, for regular updates.




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