This Week In Wrestling



Stephanie McMahon tried to start things off this week but, luckily, got interrupted by Becky Lynch before too much self-pandering could happen; Becky continued to vow to slap Ronda Rousey’s head off but Stephanie pointed out that she probably won’t make it to WrestleMania if she didn’t get her injured knee sorted out. When Becky refused to take some time off, Stephanie suspended her and got herself a good old punch to the face for her trouble.

The Luca House Party, Heavy Machinery, the B-Team, and the Revival all went head-to-head in the first match of the night to determine the number one contender’s to the Raw Tag Team Championship. The big news this week was that Heavy Machinery are the latest to lose their names; they are now simply Otis and Tucker, which just screams “HEADLINERS!!!” to me…anyway, while Heavy Machinery had a relatively decent dominating performance for most of the match, the Revival managed to toss their asses out of the ring, hit the Shatter Machine on Bo Dallas, and earn their shot at the belts. I’m guessing this is all part of the WWE’s sudden urge to convince people, and tag teams, to stick around but it’s a shame that it too Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder threatening to walk to result in them being treated seriously.

Kurt Angle popped out next to remind everyone of his prior accomplishments and related that directly to his recent issues with Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin. Both men came out looking for a fight but Braun Strowman interrupted and scared them off before they could even lay their hands on Angle.

Sasha Banks and Bayley continued their journey towards the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships by taking on, and defeating, Nikki Cross and Alicia Fox; this was serviceable enough but I don’t really like that Nikki has already been lumbered into a thrown-together team with Alicia simply because “they’re both heels”. I can only hope that this isn’t a permanent thing and that they teamed simply for the opportunity to win some gold because Nikki really strikes me as being a loner on the main roster…or, at least, would be better off teaming with Ruby Riott.

Jeff Jarrett was back on television again this week, once more accompanied by Road Dogg, this time for an actual one-on-one match against Elias, who is apparently back to being a heel now, randomly. Man, who would’ve thought that, in 2019, Jeff Jarrett would be having more matches than Kurt Angle! Luckily, despite the interference from Road Dogg, Elias got the win over the former WCW Champion with the Drift Away; however, after the match, Road Dogg and Jarrett left an…impact…on Elias by attacking him and smashing a guitar over his back. The way wrestling approaches legends and former stars is so weird these days; can you imagine seeing Hulk Hogan coming back and dropping a Leg Drop on Stone Cold Steve Austin back in 1998?

Finn Balor, who was being just as stubborn as Becky Lynch about his recent injuries, gutted it out to take out Lio Rush as part of his new path towards Bobby Lashley’s Intercontinental Championship; Lio looked to add more damage to Finn throughout but Balor was able to overcome after dodging a Frog Splash and landing the Coup de Grâce.

Alexa Bliss introduced the mainstream WWE audience to EC3, who basically just sat their, covered in baby oil, and was continuously interrupted by Dean Ambrose. When Ambrose managed to piss him off, this led to a match between the two, which saw EC3 get a relatively easy win over the former WWE Champion with a simple Jackknife Pin. This wasn’t really a great debut for EC3; I know he’s not exactly red hot in the ring but he can talk, so reducing him to mere eye candy is a bit insulting, and this was hardly a dominating performance.

Kurt Angle and Braun Strowman finished the night off with a bit of a cheeky tag team match against Raw’s newest detour on Drew McIntyre’s big singles push, taking on Drew and Baron Corbin. Angle kicked things off like a house on fire and instantly ended up being isolated by the heels; Braun paced on the apron, getting more and more annoyed at this, which paid off pretty well when Angle managed to make the tag. Braun tossed fools around and shrugged off their attacks, leading to Angle tagging back in and almost scoring the win; in the end, the heels won by disqualification when Strowman attacked Corbin illegally, which was quite the bullshit finish considering how much the heels cheated throughout the match. Afterwards, Strowman got some payback by Chokeslamming Drew and Corbin on the steel steps.


I’m glad you all love Becky Lynch because she was back in the opening promo on Tuesday night as well, this time getting into a verbal joust with Charlotte Flair; Triple H interrupted the bitch-fest and reminded Becky that should be at home…and then randomly started running her down, claiming that she was making excuses and that she is afraid to face Ronda Rousey. Wow, that was really random…and ended with Hunter getting a big slap in the face for his troubles.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev makde good on the events of last week and went up against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, who I guess are faces and paragons of justice or something now. Anyway, despite Rusev and Nakamura never teaming up before (that I can recall…), coming off of a really recent feud, and saying that they don’t entirely trust each other, they of course bested the Club with little issue so I guess this randomly thown-together team is the new direction for these guys.

Mustaf Ali and Randy Orton had a bit of a match next, mainly to hype up their participation in the Elimination Chamber; this was mainly all Orton in the early going, with a Back Suplex on the announce table and a big Super plex. Ali made a bit of a comeback after blocking the VINTAGE~!! ORTON~!! DDT, countered the RKO into a Tornado DDT, but then fell to an RKO anyway as he tried for the Imploding 450. After the match, Samoa Joe choked out Orton and attacked Ali, but Rowan’s presence was enough to make him hesitate to attack Daniel; Bryan…because Rowan is that much of a bad-ass all of a sudden.

Afterwards, Carmella and Naomi, the Iiconics, and Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville all threw their names into the hat as potential first-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, which ended with Mandy and Sonya getting the win. I think it’s matches like this, and slapped-together women’s tag teams, that really make me question the viability of the women’s tag belts; some of these girls are teamed up for the most basic of reasons, others are glorfied valets, and the others really should be doing something…anything…else…Jeff Hardy got the main event…again…in a match against Daniel Bryan…because Elimination Chamber! Rowan’s presence tipped things in Bryan’s favour, especially when it looked like Jeff had the win follwing a Swanton Bomb. This was enough to cause a disqualification and, with no rules to hold them back, Samoa Joe, Mustafa Ali, Randy Orton, and AJ Styles all came out for a big brawl that even saw AJ take out Jeff.

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