This Week In Wrestling



The BIG DAWG~!! is in his yard! He’s here to pout and pander and shove down our throats how he’s here every week (in case you didn’t notice) and Brock Lesnar is a part-timer who doesn’t card about Raw, the WWE, the Universal Championship, or the people! Paul Heyman arrives to, in his own, way, basically support this by saying that, while Lesnar is in the building, he won’t be coming out. Reigns promises to send Brock packing at SummerSlam, which would be fine except that he’s made all those threats and promises before and lost…then lost some more…so it’s pretty difficult to a) believe him and b) think that he deserves another shot.

Backstage, Lesnar lounges around reading magazines and tells Heyman that he didn’t hear what Roman says and doesn’t watch the show because “why would [I]?”, which is basically like saying we’re all stupid for watching Raw…which I can’t really disagree with. Anyway, Finn Balor and Baron Corbin get into it again in a rematch from….the last time they fought. Similar to their previous matches, this was all about Finn’s tenacity and Corbin’s mounting frustration as Balor got tossed around like a ragdoll and yet kept kicking out of everything. Balor manages to build his momentum and goes for the Coup de Grâce but Corbin dodges it and lands the End of Days for the win. Balor did everything he could to make Corbin look like a huge threat and a big deal but, considering Corbin’s current role as Raw Constable, I have to question why he got the win here as it doesn’t look like he’s really getting much of an actual in-ring push. Might have been better if Corbin just kicked the crap out of Balor before the match and messed him up, only for Balor to keep coming back or egging him on for more.

Natalya and Alicia Fox then locked horns, with Ronda Rousey and Alexa Bliss at ringside, which included an interesting in-ring stumble from Natalya. Despite Ronda trying to even the odds, Alicia got the win, and they both beat Ronda up a bit afterwards. Not only is Ronda sported that God-awful make-up, she’s also got this weird corn-row hairdo going on. I keep hearing how amazing she is and how well she’s adjusted to the WWE but I honestly don’t see it, possibly because she always looks retarded and she never has any matches.

Heyman tries to encourage Brock to the ring by appealing to his wallet, so Lesnar yells at him and demands a steak! I wish I was eating steak…then Elias decides he wants to pick a fight with Bobby Lashley, which results in him getting beaten up. So Lashley went from pointlessly feuding with Sami Zayn, to pinning Roman Reigns and being mentioned as a possible contender to the Universal Championship, to pointlessly feuding with Elias.

Braun Strowman comes out to destroy Jinder Mahal but, before anything can really happen, Kevin Owens steals the Money in the Bank briefcase, which causes Strowman to get counted out chasing after him. Then, backstage, Mojo Rawley and Bobby Roode have words and get into it, before Akam and Apollo Crews have a bit of a match. Oh, and Apollo won, in lacklustre fashion…when was the last time he got a pin fall victory?

Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre stole the show next; Dolph Ziggler was at ringside, and was a deciding and constant factor in the match, as you might expect. There was a great moment where Rollins didn’t quite hit his Superkick, so Drew no-sold it and egged him on to take another, much better shot. Rollins then countered from the Electric Chair into a roll up, landed the Stomp, but got cheated out of the win by Ziggler. Great stuff by these two; I can’t help but feel like Ziggler is just in the way of these two tearing the house down.

Roman gets booted out of the building on Stephanie McMahon’s orders before the Revival took on Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt (didn’t they fight last week?) Thankfully, the Revival finally got a chance to make up for weeks (months?) of nothing and misuse by pinning Bray with the Shatter Machine. Whether this actually leads them towards a title shot/victory is anyone’s guess, however, as it doesn’t feel like the WWE is done wringing the life out of the B-Team’s weird popularity.

Bayley and Sasha Banks are so back on the same page that they now have matching ring gear, and just in time for the rumours of a Women’s Tag Team Championship to really start gaining traction. Oh, and they defeated Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan with a finisher combo that looked suspiciously like a tag finisher.

Kurt Angle and Baron Corbin demands that Lesnar comes to the ring, so Heyman arrives to say that he won’t be showing up. Angle fires him as a result, despite Heyman trying to butter him up, and then all hell breaks loose as Lesnar comes out and gets all up in their faces. He hits the F5 on Angle while Corbin begs off and then turns on Heyman, choking him out and yelling at him. The crowd sounded like they were chanting for Roman, which was surreal and could be a good sign, but they could very well have been chanting for Strowman; it’s hard to tell. Either way. they’re going balls-deep with this depiction of Lesnar as a complete sell out douchebag.


Becky Lynch is here to be gorgeous and celebrate becoming the number one contender, which causes Carmella to come out so they can have words. Charlotte Flair and her pumped up boobies comes out to make the save on Becky’s behalf when things get rowdy, which causes Paige to make a match between Carmella and Charlotte that will add Flair to the SummerSlam match if she can win. Seems a bit unfair, and people moan about Reigns just being gifted title shots and opportunities!

The SmackDown! Live Tag Team Championship tournament continues with the Bar finally making it back onto television and taking on the Usos; there was a great spot where Cesaro caught one of the Usos coming off the top with an uppercut while Sheamus countered the other’s top-rope splash with the knees. Even better, the Bar got the win after Sheamus followed up with a cradle; hopefully, they’ll win the whole thing to start a bit of a feud with the Bludgeon Brothers, which could be awesome.

Samoa Joe pops to cut a great promo where he basically says that AJ Styles’ commitment to being a fighting champion means that he (Joe) is doing his family a favour by ending him at SummerSlam. Afterwards, Jeff Hardy gets the shit kicked out of him by Shinsuke Nakamura as Randy Orton gives the orders; Orton then tears off Jeff’s accessories and washes off his face paint to “strip away [Jeff’s] identity” or whatever. Weird to see Nakamura as an underling, to be honest.

Zelina Vega and Lana have a match next but I’ll do you a favour and skip over it; suffice to say, it was mainly there to further the tension between Lana, Aiden English, and Rusev…even though Aiden didn’t do anything to cost Lana the match. Afterwards, Daniel Bryan and the Miz trade barbs to further their feud; I hope they don’t lay their hands on each other until the week before SummerSlam to really ramp up the tension.

The main event saw Charlotte Flair and Carmella go at it in a match with an outcome clearly designed solely to create hype around the Ric Flair special edition of WWE 2K19 as Charlotte forced Carmella to tap out to the Figure Eight, therefore needlessly inserting herself into the SummerSlam title match. As long as Becky gets the win, though, and then gets into a program with Charlotte, it could be worth it.

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