This Week In Wrestling



Don’t touch that dial, it’s….Kurt Angle…here to talk! Ratings! Excitement!! Ugh, well, anyway, apparently there’s an “issue” with Brock Lesnar’s contract so rather than the previously-scheduled multi-man match at Extreme Rules to determine a number one contender, we may see Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley to determine Brock’s next challenger. Emphasis here on “may be” as it’s not decided yet, so Lashley and Reigns come out to trade barbs with each other. Lashley tells some home truths about how Reigns has had shot after shot after shot and all he’s proved is that he cannot beat Lesnar and basically blames Reigns for Lesnar playing hardball, all of which may as well be true as far as I am concerned. Anyway, the Revival are still upset about getting punked out last week so they demand, and receive a rematch. This time around, there’s a lot more dissension between Reigns and Lashley which, of course, leads to Roman getting beaten up, worked over, and playing “face-in-peril”. Reigns eventually lands a big Spear but gets so distracted jaw-jacking with Lashley that he gets rolled up and pinned by Dash Wilder. Man, do I wish that the Revival had won last week as well; a seasoned, career tag team should always be able to best a slapped-together team, especially one with two guys who have issues. Whether this actually leads anywhere significant for the Revival, though, is up for debate but at least they won!

Speaking of tag teams, Matt Hardy and Curtis Axel went one-on-one to continue the build up towards the Raw Tag Team Championship match; it wasn’t much of a match, though, as Axel managed to land on top of Matt during a Superplex attempt and randomly got the win. I guess this was another of the B-Team’s now-famous “fluke wins” but I’m still not really buying into a joke team like then getting the shot.

And continuing the tag team debacles, the Authors of Pain finally returned to Raw to squash some jobbers until Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews made the save. Given that Titus Worldwide succccckkk I am not really looking forward to a feud between those two either!

Alexa Bliss ends up in a fight with Natalya after running her mouth about Ronda Rousey; Nia Jax (who is, apparently, still a face or back to being a face? Who bloody knows at this point) takes Mickie James out of the equation, which allows Natalya to trap Alexa in the Sharpshooter and get the win, though it’s kind of a bad look for the champion to be losing.

More tag team action next, with the prerequisite six-man tag team match, this time between the Riott Squad and Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Ember Moon. Ruby Riott got the win for her team but sloppily rolling up Sasha but the real story here was that Bayley finally snapped and attacked Sasha after the match. Seriously, she went right at her and beat her ass down and thank God! That smarmy bitch totally deserves it! The announcers actually sold this as Bayley snapping after Sasha’s treatment of her so I’m not convinced that this is a full-blown heel turn; hopefully, instead, it’s just Bayley getting some balls (or edge, if you prefer) and not allowing herself to be treated like a doormat.

Mojo Rawley and No Way Joe never even got a chance to have their match as Mojo decided to take the piss out of Jose’s conga line (and rightfully so) and they just brawled instead. Apparently, Mojo is getting Baron Corbin’s former spot as “big man bully”. And speaking of the Constable, Corbin team up with Finn Balor to take on Braun Strowman and Kevin Owens, in a nice little twist. Strowman was fantastic here, winding Owens up and scaring him throughout the match, while Balor and Corbin kept arguing about tags. In the end, Corbin and Balor got so pissed off at each other that they simply brawled to a count out and Strowman smashes up Kevin’s car backstage.

The main event saw newly-crowned Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler take on former champion Seth Rollins. Drew McIntyre (who should have won the belt, I hasten to add) was out as well and screwed the whole thing up after nearly thirty minutes of solid in-ring work by getting involved when it looked like Ziggler might lose. If there’s one good thing about him randomly winning the Intercontinental Championship it’s that Ziggler gets to work with Rollins and put on those show-stopping matches he has been neglecting lately. Anyway, the boy beat up Rollins so Reigns runs out to save the day and, most likely, set up a tag team match for next week.


The Miz opens the show with, of all people, the Bludgeon Brothers. I’m actually annoyed that Rowan, at least, doesn’t sound super intellectual and smart when he is allowed to talk for long periods. Anyway, they brag about attacking Daniel Bryan last week, which Miz obviously tries to fuel further, which leads to Bryan challenging Harper to a match in the main event.

Rusev takes on Xavier Woods, with Aiden English and the rest of the New Day at ringside, which I guess is part of the WWE’s new plan to give the New Day individual singles pushes. Anyway, all of those guys at ringside don’t really factor into the match and, in the end, Rusev lands the Machka Kick and forces Xavier to tap to the Accolade. After the match, he vows to win the WWE Championship from AJ Styles, which is surprisingly more believable since he didn’t lose this match.

Jeff Hardy issues an open challenge for his United States Championship and, of all people, Eric Young! answers the call like it’s Impact Wrestling or something. I’m a big fan of Eric’s and pushing him towards the mid-card title is a great idea; however, don’t forget that he’s got his SAnitY buddies with him. They got involved in the match, causing the Usos to make the save and the match to be thrown out and replaced with a tag team bout instead. This would lend some credibility to the reports I’ve heard that Jeff is currently working injured, though he did manage to get the win by hitting the Swanton Bomb. I really don’t think that SAnitY should have lost their first big match but, with the loss out of the way, hopefully they’ll claw back some credibility by running roughshed over the roster and strong-arming their way towards mid-card and tag team gold.

Becky Lynch continued the hot streak she’s on lately by defeating Sonya Deville, then Paige tells James Ellsworth that he’ll be facing Asuka next week (that fool gonna die!), before the main event of Daniel Bryan vs. Harper. Of course Rowan is at ringside, though he didn’t factor into the match until the end. Everyone apparently loves Harper and, though I don’t really see it, he worked great here as the big man to Bryan’s plucky underdog. Bryan used his speed and strikes to work Harper over and get him into the Yes! Lock but Rowan interfered and they started kicking the shit out of Daniel until…

KanePokemon KANE~!! Returned and made the save! He and Bryan took out the Bludgeon Brothers and hugged it out, so Paige then announced that they would get a shot at the belts at Extreme Rules. I love Kane, and Team Hell No, but I’m not happy that they’ve been awarded the title shot when they haven’t even teamed up again yet! Plus, like, how many times has Kane fought with (and lost to) Harper and Rowan at this point?

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